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Fall Market Jump!


Over the past 2 week I have seen a definite fall market jump! It is much needed for all those house sellers trying to decide what to do with their homes.

If your listing has expired and you’re trying to decide what to do, either wait it out and hope next year is better or put it back on the market now. I suggest not letting it stay off the market for too long or you might miss a big opportunity during this heating up fall market.

In this tough buyer market there are 3 things that will get your home sold and they all need to be working and working well to be able to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.

  • Price
    • Get your home priced right for the market. There is no need for a cushion or having the price a little high to help with negotiations. Price the house at what the market will pay for it! It’s better to get people through the door and see the house then have a cushion and not have anyone through the door.
  • Condition
    • You are competing against other homes so you need to have your home in tip top shape. If your competition has new paint and is very clean you also need to be equally as good to compete in today’s market.
    • Get rid of anything just lying around! Clutter will make the home feel smaller and not feel clean
  • Marketing
    • This is your agent’s job. Ask him/her what is their plan to market your home and do they have that in writing. Then make sure they are following through with what they said they would do.
    • If your agent is not getting your home online in front of people that are on the computer you are missing out. The MLS is very valuable but that can not be the end. Ask them were else you are going to be see your home online and ask for the week reports of people that looked at it.

If all three of these items are working well then your home will sell!

If you would like me to review your home and help you get it back on the market with proper pricing, condition and market then call me or email me ( Steve Volkers, Keller Williams Realty) today. Don’t miss out on this Fall Market Jump!!!


13 Steps to Market Your Home!

There is 13 steps in my Marketing Plan to help you sell your home in the least amount of time and at the best terms.              

Most agents use the 5 P to market your home: 

  1. Price your home

  2. Put a sign in the front yard

  3. Put your home on the MLS

  4. Put an add in the paper and then

  5. Pray is will sell!

If you want something different and you want to know that you have an agent that is working hard to get your home sold than call me ( Steve Volkers with Keller Williams Realty) today or email me at

I will:

  •              Price your home strategically to be competitive with the current market and current price trends.

  •             Stage your home to showcase features that buyers are most interested in: uncluttered rooms and closets, fresh paint and pleasing drive-up appeal.

  •             Place For Sale signage, complete with property flyers that are accessible to drive-by prospects.

  •             Distribute Just Listed marketing to neighbors, encouraging them to tell their family and friends about your home.

  •             Optimize your home’s Internet presence by posting it on local and global MLS systems and adding multiple photographs and creative descriptions.

  •             Create a virtual tour of your home and place it on multiple websites to attract local and out-of- town buyers.

  •             Create a home book, comment cards and flyers for your property. Showcasing additional information and photos of your home and neighborhood will attract extra attention. 

  •             Target my marketing to active real estate agents that specialize in selling homes in your neighborhood.

  •              Include your home in our company/MLS tour to allow other agents to see your home first hand.

  •             Advertise your home in my real estate blogs, and Grand Rapids Press

  •              Create an Open House schedule to promote your home to prospective buyers.

  •             Target my marketing to active buyers and investors in my database that are looking for homes in your price range and area.

  •             Provide you with weekly updates detailing my marketing efforts, including comments from prospective buyers and agents that have visited your home.

East Grand Rapids Homes For Sale Sats and Information!

East Grand Rapids

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If you would like to hear more about the Grand Rapids Real Estate Market and How I (Steve Volkers at Keller Williams Realty) can help you get your home sold in less time for top dollar please send me an email at or call today at 616-575-1153.

My Sellers 10+ Customer Service Commitment

As the REALTOR® you have chosen to exclusively represent you in the sale of your home, I promise that I will: 

  1. Provide you with 10+ customer service during the entire buying process.

  2. Help you price your home according to the current market conditions.
  3. Market your home on the MLS.
  4. Provide you with on-going updates.
  5. Aggressively Market your home to other agents and to potential buyers.
  6. Provide you with on-going updates
  7. Present offers to you and negotiate on your behalf.
  8. Coordinate and supervise the preparation of all closing documents and guide you through the closing process.
  9. Help you resolve any closing issues.
  10. Coordinate move-out and assist with any post-closing issues.


If you’re thinking about selling a home please send me an email or give me a call to hear more about my commitment to getting your home sold for the most money and the lease amount of time. If I don’t live up to my commitment you can fire me!