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Do Open Houses Sell Homes?

 Do Open Houses Sell Homes?


This weekend, I was sitting in an open house at one of my listing in Hudsonville, MI. I often get asked by both Realtor’s and my clients if open houses are worth doing. Realtor’s say they are a waste of time and sellers wonder what the point is when only a couple people come through anyway.

So my response to that is this:

Over the course of a listing, the home maybe marketed for over 3 some times 6 months and in the Greater Grand Rapids Market there are some home being marketed for over a year.  If your Realtor is not having an open house how is your Realtor marketing that home?

An above average agent will place the home on the MLS ( GRAR), place a yard sign and list it on a couple of websites. We can all do that! I go a step future with my internet marketing and I would place against any other agent in Grand Rapids. But once all of the beginning marketing has been done what is your agent doing if he/she is not having open houses?

Every time I have an open house, which is once a month, I get to tell people again about your home. I get to place it in front of people that are looking for open houses, place another add on Craigs List and so much more.

So do open houses sell the home? Most of the time no, but they do allow for marketing to happen! It’s one more opportunity for someone to see it every month.

Contributed to by:
Steve Volkers at Keller Williams Realty


3 responses

  1. You know Steve, you have a point.

    I’m thinking of a property I bought that I never would have known was even listed if there wasn’t an open house…

    Here’s the story: I went to look at a house that was on my MLS list. The house wasn’t for me, but the house two doors down was having an open house, so I walked in. Hey, I was in the neighborhood!

    Turns out the open house property wasn’t in my “to-do” list because the it was over-priced, so it didn’t meet my MLS database parameters. I gavethe owners a more reasonable offer, and ta-dah! After a few months of bickering: House sold, house bought.

    January 16, 2008 at 10:27 pm

  2. It just shows how open houses can work! Great story thanks.

    January 28, 2008 at 6:56 pm

  3. Nicnaimless

    The best thing about this crazy housing market is that people start to think differently and try new things.

    I know a guy that is starting an aerial video business for real estate here in Hudsonville. Does it using remote controlled helicopters.

    Now that would sell a home quicker I think.

    June 30, 2008 at 2:09 am

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