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What is Your Home Saying to Buyers?

Home Staging communicates to buyers, “This house won’t be on the market long. I better make an offer.”  You, the homeowner, cannot be at showings and in most cases it’s the showing Realtor’s first time in the home. How can the unique and desirable features of the house be pointed out to a potential buyer?  The answer is … Home Staging Home stagers enable a house to “speak” positively to potential buyers through strategic placement of furniture and furnishings.  Doing so obliges a house to brag about itself generating greater buyer interest which in turn results in a quicker sale closest to the list price. 

Imagine viewing a house that is full of collections, memorabilia, or personal photos.  As you walk through the house you are most likely distracted by the homeowner’s “stuff” and don’t even notice the crown molding, specialty trim, or unique architectural details throughout the house.  You are so preoccupied that a true mental picture of the HOUSE is not getting imprinted into your memory.  Hours or days later after viewing several homes, will you remember the house and its features or the homeowner’s “stuff”? 

This is just one example of the many considerations when staging a furnished or vacant home for sale.  An Accredited Staging Professional is educated in the psychological art and the science of purposefully preparing homes for sale.  A house fashioned to brag about itself says, I won’t be on the market long. You better buy me NOW!”

Contributed to by:
Heidi Herbruck at Simply Staged


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