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So, where did the Alger Heights Neighborhood get its name?

I always wondered where the Alger Heights Neighborhood in the South East Side Grand Rapids, Michigan got its name.


So, I did some research and realized that it was named after Russell Alexander Alger.  Russell Alexander Alger was a Governor of Michigan from 1885 to 1887 and also served Michigan as a US Senator. I have talked about Alger Heights as being a great place to raise a family in other posts and guess what!? Alger raised 12 kids there! That’s a lot of kids.

I wonder what home was his and does it still stand to this day? If anyone knows please let me know.

I love the rich history of neighborhoods in Grand Rapids. It’s great to be a part of helping people find homes in neighborhoods like Alger Heights where you know they are going to now live on the legacy of those whom made it a neighborhood.

If there are other neighborhoods you would like more information about let me know and we will do some research to let everyone know what makes your neighborhood a great place to live in Grand Rapids.

Photo From: Community Research Institute

Contributed to by:

Steve Volkers at Keller Williams Realty


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