Info on Grand Rapids Real Estate

Grand Rapids Resource Welcomes it’s Newest Contributor, Ace Inspections!

Who ace-home-inspections.gifis Ace Inspections?

Your two most important assets are your family and your home.  At Ace Inspections, we give our clients the most personalized service possible in the purchase or sale of a home in the Grand Rapids Area.

Established in 1994 in Grand Rapids, Scott and Dawn Wilder founded Ace Inspections with the mission of helping you become an educated home buyer or seller. Having served and educated over 15,000 families since then, Ace Inspections is experienced in providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision on the biggest financial investment of your life.ace-home-inspections.giface-home-inspections.gif

In that our goal is to be Your Personal Building Consultants For Life, we offer free consulting to you for as long as you own your home in addition to joining us on the home inspection.  We always treat our clients like family – with respect and concern for your time and hard-earned money. 

Coming up in future blogs on Grand Rapids Resource will be articles that will further help you in understanding home inspections, home maintenance, and other valuable information.  Stay tuned!!


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