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What is Your Homes Value in this Grand Rapids MI Market?

What Is Your Homes Value?

Over the past couple of months, people have been asking me, what is my homes value? Can I sell it for what I paid for it a couple of years ago? Is the market really as bad as what I hear it is in Kent County MI?

I realize these are all loaded questions that can not be answered in a quick 5 minute conversation. So instead, I would rather help you fully understand what your home’s value truly is. Has it increased over the past couple of years like you hoped? Can you sell it in today’s market and move up or even move down.  How is the market were you live?

Homes are still selling. Perhaps not as fast as what we hope for and maybe not for the price we want but they are selling and there are buyers out there.

To get you a free estimate on how much your home is worth and what it will take to get it sold just give me a call or send me ( Steve Volkers with Keller Williams Realty) an email and we can set up a time to go over this.

If you would just like an email once a month of what has sold in the 30 days around your area let me know. I love to help people prepare for the move they are thinking about making in the year to come.

As my Mom always told me Knowledge is Power!

I look forward to hearing your story and how I can be of help to you with your real estate needs.




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  1. It seems to me it is a great time to move “up or down” in your market. The key would be getting the present house sold first.

    October 8, 2007 at 12:37 pm

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