Info on Grand Rapids Real Estate

Buyers Agency Post # 1

What is Buyer’s Agency? And why, as a buyer, or as a seller, or even as someone just walking into an open house, is this so important?

It amazes me all the time how many people, I come in contact with, that have not been told about Agency Law. I don’t know if Real Estate Agents are afraid of it because it might mean that they would not be able to get both the listing and buyer’s commission if someone comes into your open house. Or perhaps agents are afraid people will not be willing to sign a buyer’s agency with them or maybe there are too many agents out there that don’t understand Agency Law themselves.

As a realtor my duty is to inform the public about real estate and where does that begin. It starts by explaining what Buyer’s Agency Law is and whom I’m representing and finally, how they could be best represented but a realtor.  

Please, before you consider buying a home or listing your home ask the real estate agent. “First and foremost, what is Agency Law and who do you represent?”

So you’re thinking what is Buyer’s Agency Law and how can it help me get the best price for my home or the best price for the home you are buying? We will go through all of these topics in the next few posts. If you want more information right away about agency law please give me a call it could save you thousands of dollars!


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